Chris G. Ingram

Mr. Ingram has been in the construction industry for over 36 years involved in fence, guardrail, and rockfall mitigation.  For the last 29 years he has been actively involved in the rockfall industry.  His duties have ranged from starting as a High Scaler and working his way up to Project Superintendent.  He became a part owner of HI-TECH in 1996.  Since 2006, as majority owner, he has taken over all duties and responsibilities to continue on with HI-TECH Rockfall’s growth and success.  Mr. Ingram has been involved in the design phase of numerous rockfall mitigation projects throughout the United States, which include site assessment and mitigation recommendations.  Mr. Ingram has been involved with the HGS and TRB Rockfall Subcommittee giving presentations and papers regarding problems and solutions in the rockfall industry.

Position: President & CEO

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