Avalanche Barriers

Avalanche Barriers are flexible metal structures that resemble rockfall fences and act to prevent avalanches from starting.  Avalanche barriers are comprised of triangular wire rope nets supported by steel tubular post and wire rope anchors.  The Avalanche Barriers are commonly installed in numerous lines in the avalanche starting zones;

as the snow accumulates the avalanche barriers retain the accumulated snow pack, preventing the initiation of an avalanche. The avalanche barriers are available in various sizes and snow load capacities dependent on site conditions.  Avalanche barriers have been widely used in Europe, they should be design, tested, and certified in accordance with the WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research.

Installation of Snow Net

3.5 M – Snow Net

3.5 M – Snow Net

4 M – Snow Net Loaded

4 M – Snow Net

Erdox – Snow Fence