We at HI-TECH Rockfall strive to maintain excellence in every aspect of our business, from our employees, the work we do and the wonderful suppliers and vendors we do business with. We take pride in our safety record and work hard to maintain our immediate availability when called upon. To do this we keep all of our highly skilled employees certified in most areas of Rockfall Mitigation as well as certified and up to date on all safety policies and training. Our goal is to complete our projects in a timely and professional manner while ensuring the safety of our crew and those who work around us. Below is a list of all training and certifications that our employees hold.

Forklift/Manlift Equipment Certification – All of HI-TECH Rockfall Construction, Inc. employees are certified in manlift and forklift operations. We use this equipment often and all employees are in compliance and complete these certifications as required.

First Aid – All HI-TECH Rockfall Construction employees are first aid certified. They are re-certified every 2 years by completing an intensive refresher course. Safety is very important in our line of work and we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our employees and those who are around our worksites.

MSHA – All HI-TECH Rockfall Construction employees have been MSHA certified. All employees can be pit specific certified to meet all mine owner requirements. We regularly work within mines and quarries and are familiar with MSHA and Owners safety and work policies. Therefore, to be immediately available, all of our employees are MSHA trained and certified.

OSHA – All of HI-TECH Rockfall Construction employees have completed the OSHA 10 training course and complete the renewal courses as required.

Fall Protection – All of our employees are extensively trained in fall protection and some of our employees are certified in SPRAT and IRATA fall protection. This certification is renewed as needed.

Railroad – All of HI-TECH Rockfall Construction employees have been trained and certified to work around railroads. We have employees who are certified through UP and BNSF. Additional specific certifications can be completed as needed.

Environmental – HI-TECH Rockfall Construction is constantly looking for ways to protect the environment we work in and make our projects have little or no impact to the environment. HI-TECH has worked with many different agencies over the year including the Columbia River Gorge Commission and Tahoe Regional Protection Authority to colorize our installations so they do not have a visual impact.  We have also worked with the Independence Pass Foundation to save a protected tundra species from damage during construction of a slope stabilization system.  Also, we have successfully completed projects for the U.S Forest Service and the National Parks Service in highly sensitive areas. HI-TECH has several employees who have completed training and are certified in Hazwoper, erosion and sediment control, naturally occurring asbestos, and lead. HI-TECH has prepared storm water pollution control plans and water pollution control plans on many of our projects to assure that soil disturbing activities do not affect adjacent waterways or get into existing storm drains.