Rockfall Mitigation Suppliers

HI-TECH Rockfall Construction Inc. uses and has long standing relationships with every supplier in the rockfall mitigation and slope stabilization industry today. This aids in quickly resolving any issues that may arise during all Rockfall mitigation and slope stabilization projects. We have worked and consulted with the firms listed below for many years and watched their systems evolve into what is now some of the best tested and certified systems on the market today. Our employees have installed almost every system available on the market today, in some of the most difficult scenarios and terrains imaginable. The relationships we have with our suppliers allows our firm to acquire materials more rapidly which enables HI-TECH to ensure that project schedules are met or exceeded. At HI-TECH Rockfall we take pride that our workmanship and the products we install must be the best. HI-TECH during the course of our operation prides itself in the fact that we manage everything from the largest part down to the smallest detail. This is imperative in performing and completing any rockfall mitigation or slope stabilization project anywhere.

Equipment Resources

HI-TECH Rockfall Construction Inc. has national accounts with all of the major equipment suppliers around the United States. This gives us unrestricted access to all the equipment that these companies have to offer. That allows us to be ready to work with less mobilization time. All of our National Account Managers are on a direct line so that during emergency situations the local stores can be notified of our equipment needs and move us to the top of the list allowing us to be able to undertake any and all rockfall mitigation and slope stabilization projects. These relationships have been key to our operation, and we pride ourselves in keeping the open lines of communication with all the firms shown. Along with being able to acquire equipment the firms shown are able to keep our employees trained in the operation of any special equipment that is required to perform the tasks many our projects may require.

Safety Equipment Suppliers

The safety equipment we use is the best in the industry today.  We strive to insure our workers safety by keeping up with all training certifications that are required by MSHA, OSHA and all other organizations and firms our teams work with. By working with the Safety Equipment Suppliers listed below, we have access to resources that allow us to stay current with any and all changing laws and requirements that govern our industry. Our operation depends on our people and keeping them highly trained and safe promotes the industry and our success. Within our industry we have one of the best safety ratings a firm during our work can have. Knowing we can always improve, our employees are continually being trained at all times.

Geo Engineering and Consultants

We at HI-TECH Rockfall Construction Inc. have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in the world of Rockfall mitigation and slope stabilization in the United States. Many of these firms are known for their work around the world. HI-Tech takes pride in our ability to work with these firms and install solutions that they designed. By using all of the resources that these firms have to offer allows HI-TECH solve the most complicated and troubled rockfall mitigation and slope stabilization problems that may arise.

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