• Wire Rope Lashing

    Wire Rope Lashing is a technique that utilizes wire ropes to apply pressure across the face of a boulder or slab in order to secure it in place.  Anchors can be installed in various locations around the perimeter of the … Continue reading →
  • Shotcrete

    Shotcrete is a wet-mixed or dry-mixed cement and small aggregate pneumatically applied to as a blanket onto a slope surface to reduce erosion and undercutting of rock layers. Shotcrete, or gunite, is used as a rockfall mitigation tool mainly for … Continue reading →
  • Rock Bolts

    Rock Bolts are steel rods inserted into predrilled holes in rock and tensioned to a required load and bonded in place with grout. A rock bolt is a tensioned bar that actively applies a force.  It is installed by drilling … Continue reading →
  • Anchored Wire Mesh

    Anchored mesh systems actively apply pressure to the rock or slope face reduce the driving the forces to prevent movement. This pressure is applied with the combination of rock anchors and wire mesh. By tensioning the wire mesh to the … Continue reading →
  • Active Mitigation

    Active mitigation is the reduction of driving forces and/or the increase of resisting forces associated with slope failure.  The stabilization of rockfall on slopes can be accomplished by a variety of construction methods.  The method for stabilization differs on individual … Continue reading →

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