HI-TECH Rockfall Begins Work on Large Project in Montana

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Construction work began Monday near Prickly Pear Canyon on I-15 — about seven miles south of Wolf Creek. Crews were clearing the way on Monday to start diverting traffic before they work on the canyon.

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HI-TECH Rockfall is installing a variety of rockfall mitigations systems on the slopes here to prevent rocks from falling onto the roadway which could impact cars and cause impact problems for the state, said project manager Dan Rivas of Hi-Tech Rockfall. We’re making a safer conveyance for the public is what we’re doing.

Hi-Tech Rockfall specializes in making roads safer by implementing rock-catching technologies.

HI-TECH Rockfall installs wire mesh drapery systems which control the rocks into the ditch. We scale the rock down prior to doing that with our experience rock scalers to keep the workers safer and rocks that are imminent to come down and then we install rockfall barriers as well that take impacts of big rocks. For protection during the rock scaling process HI-TECH Rockfall has constructed 2 temporary moveable rockfall barriers to allow for the loose rock to be removed while traffic is still flowing.Montana crossover

For the first couple weeks, it’ll just be slow traffic. There will be no stopping of traffic. We’ll expect them to, or hope, they go 35 miles per hour like is posted. After that, we could start experiencing some traffic stops up to 20 minutes.

For visual purposes the state has colored or stained all the material that we’re going to use on the slope to blend in with the colors of the rock and the marble.”

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